Warranty Registration

    Thank you for your purchase with Moissy Fine Jewelry. We trust that you love your new jewelry piece, and we want you to wear it with confidence for a lifetime. 

    As a valued Moissy Fine Jewelry Customer your warranty is already activated and available for use should you need it. There is no requirement from you for additional information.

    Please remember to keep a copy of your receipt or gift receipt for your records. We suggest taking a picture as paper receipts fade over time. 

    In the unlikely event you need to use a warranty service you will be asked to provided the original purchasers name and email for reference. 

    For more detailed information on what is covered under your warranty option, please visit :


    2 Year and Lifetime warranty can be purchased up to 30 days after receipt date of your order. After this time you may purchase extended warranty once the  complimentary warranty is expired. 

     *Extension of 2 year warranty plans are at the discretion of Moissy Fine Jewelry, Moissy can decline to extend a warranty, or add new warranty to past purchase.  Current rate to extend will be provided to purchaser by Moissy Fine Jewelry.