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All Moissy Fine Jewellery pieces comes with an complimentary 1-year warranty protecting your jewellery from manufacturing defects.  We take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship and will certainly stand behind our work.  Regular maintenance of your jewellery is recommended to extend the longevity and beauty of your piece.

During your Complimentary 1 Year Warranty you may bring your piece in for the following services:
  1. Prongs checked for tightness.  
  2. Accent Stones checked for tightness
  3. Mounting checked 
  4. Ultrasonic and streaming to remove debris and oil 

This warranty doesn't protect against jewellery that is intentionally damaged, worn irresponsibly, damages do to mis-use, abuse, scratching, allergic reactions, loss of stones, bent or broken prongs, discoloured gemstones due to chemical reactions, and any circumstance not do to manufacture defects.  We cannot warranty work by another jeweller.  Workmanship on our pieces performed by any jeweller aside from Moissy Fine Jewellery cannot be covered under warranty.  We can only guarantee our own work.





 Lux Moissanite comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees that the Colour, Clarity, Brilliance and Fire of the stone will not change.  To activate your warranty register your stone at  In the unlikely event that you have to use this warranty, please return the stone, original sales receipt and warranty card to place of purchase. The warranty applies to the original registrant and is non-transferable. It does not cover damages as the result of misuse, abuse, loss or theft. Any alterations done to your original Lux Moissanite item voids your warranty. We suggest having loose moissanite stones set by our own trusted jewellers to avoid warranty void.


All LUX Moissanite stones equivalent to 1 carat or larger will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity ensuring you have received a genuine Moissanite gemstone.

Be sure to enquire if your Moissanite brand of choice also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.