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All Moissy Fine Jewelry pieces comes with a complimentary 1-year warranty protecting your jewelry from defects.  We take a great deal of pride in our craftsmanship and will certainly stand behind our work.  Regular maintenance of your jewelry is recommended to extend the longevity and beauty of your piece. All of our jewelry repair is performed at our Canadian based workshop.

During your Complimentary 1 Year Warranty you may bring your piece to your local showroom for the following services:
  1. Prongs checked for tightness.  
  2. Mounting checked 
  3. Ultrasonic and streaming to remove debris and oil 

This warranty doesn't protect against jewelry that is intentionally damaged, worn irresponsibly, accidental damages, damage do to mis-use, abuse, scratching, allergic reactions, loss of stones, loose, bent or broken prongs, rhodium wear, wear and tear, discoloured gemstones due to chemical reactions, and any circumstance not due to manufacture defects. 

Keep in mind that under normal conditions, manufacturing defects will materialize within the first month or two of ownership. We do cover loss side or halo stones up to 2.5mm for one year.  Any issues after 1 year are likely from normal wear and tear.

If you should need our jewelry service.  Our team will carefully inspect the item to determine the nature of the issue and if it is covered under our manufacturer’s warranty. If it is found to be a flaw normal wear, we will repair your piece free of charge. If the damage is outside of a manufacturing defect or normal wear, then the cost to repair/replace will be assessed. An estimate will be provided and work to be done will be covered by the purchaser.

We cannot warranty work by another jeweler.  Workmanship on our pieces performed by any jeweller aside from Moissy Fine Jewelry cannot be covered under warranty, and can void your warranty. We can only guarantee our own work.

We advise our clients to obtain independent insurance for their piece of jewelry. This can protect you in the case of loss or theft, it will also cover for accidental damage. In the case your piece is damaged accidentally and is beyond repair,  your insurance may cover the cost of a replacement. Contact your insurance company for details.

Purchaser is responsible for all shipment charges including incurred duties, taxes or fees when sending in jewelry for warranty or maintenance. A $59.99 cost for shipping and handling is required to be paid by purchaser to ship it back when the service is complete.





What It Covers




                 Complimentary  1 YEAR WARRANTY



* Tightening of loose accent stones

* Tightening of loose centre stones

* Repairs on broken chains, links, clasp, posts, backings for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

* Sizing ~ one complimentary sizing  (available up to 90 days after original purchase) 

* Replacement of accent stones up to 2.5mm and small melee fancy cut

* Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaning - Showroom Service






* Tightening of loose accent stones

* Tightening of loose centre stones

* Repairs on broken chains, links, clasp, posts, backings for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

* Sizing ~ one complimentary sizing  (available up to 90 days after original purchase) 

*  Additional Sizing  ~ $45.00  (industry standard $90-$120)

* Replacement of accent stones up to 2.5mm and small melee fancy cut

* Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaning , Polishing Re Rhodium Plating ~ Off Site ~ Once Per Year 


                    $399 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY 



* Tightening of loose accent stones

* Tightening of loose centre stones

* Repairs on broken chains, links, clasp, posts, backings for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

* Sizing ~ one complimentary sizing  (available up to 90 days after original purchase) 

*  Additional Sizing  ~ $45.00  (industry standard $90-$120)

* Replacement of accent stones up to 2.5mm and small melee fancy cut

* Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaning , Polishing Re Rhodium Plating ~ Off Site ~ Once Per Year

Lifetime: The lifetime of the individual purchasing the product or the lifetime of the first person the product is gifted to. Owner lifetime ceases if ownership of the product is subsequently transferred to another party. Product Lifetime:  This lifetime ceases at the point where the product is altered from its original form as described in the POS receipt or Certificate of Authenticity




* Warranty program begins when the item is available for showroom pick up or based on shipment delivery date to recipient 

* In the case of replacement of item or gemstone, if the exact item purchase is not available, Moissy will provide a item of same likeness or equal value 

* Moissy Fine Jewelry reserves the right to discontinue some scope of work on a warranty plan at anytime. If Moissy Fine Jewelry is unable to repair an item to our satisfaction to remedy repair issue, if any anytime repair work exceeds the purchase price of the original purchase, Moissy Fine Jewelry reserves the right to discontinue warranty services, Moissy may offer, replacement of equal or greater value, refund or partial refund options at our discretion.

*purchased warranty plans can be cancelled within 30 days of purchase in the event that no services have been used from the plan. Warranty plans are non transferable.  Extension of 2 year warranty plans are at the discretion of Moissy Fine Jewelry, Moissy can decline to extend a warranty, or add new warranty to past purchase.  Current rate to extend will be provided to purchaser by Moissy Fine Jewelry. Warranty must be in place prior to diagnosed service request. Warranty cannot be purchased in lieu of service fee cost.

*Warranty Services do not cover shipping to or from purchaser.  Tracked and Insured shipping services are recommended to ensure a safe delivery of your item to our showroom. Purchaser can provide provided return shipping label. Alternatively items can be returned to purchaser via FED EX $29.99 (USA)



Damage from accident, abuse, misuse, , tampering with prongs, unauthorized modifications or alteration from other workers. Cosmetic damage including scratches, peelings, dents that do not impede the mechanical functionality of the item. Warranty does not cover actions (fire, collision, vandalism, theft etc. The elements or Acts of God, strike, labour disturbance, lockout or civil commotion.





 Lux Moissanite comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees that the Colour, Clarity, Brilliance and Fire of the stone will not change.  In the unlikely event that you have to use this warranty, please return the stone, original sales receipt and warranty card to place of purchase. In the case of replacement of gemstone, if the exact item purchased is not available, Moissy will provide an item of same likeness or equal value  The warranty applies to the original registrant and is non-transferable. It does not cover damages as the result of misuse, abuse, loss or theft. Any alterations done to your original Lux Moissanite item voids your warranty. We suggest having loose moissanite stones set by our own trusted jewelers to avoid warranty void. 




All LUX Moissanite stones equivalent to 1 carat or larger will be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity ensuring you have received a genuine Moissanite gemstone.

Be sure to inquire if your Moissanite brand of choice also includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Wear & Tear ~ Jewelry is made from strong, durable materials but is not indestructible or maintenance free. Striking, banging and lifting heavy items can damage your jewelry and cause breakage. Gold or platinum can gouge, bend or even  crack, and small diamonds can break and fall from their settings if you wear them too hard or don't pay attention to loose stones.

Everyone wears jewelry differently, some people can wear their rings for years with no issues at all and others require regular repairs and adjustments. The most common damage to jewelry is through wear and tear, this includes but is not limited to rhodium wear, bent rings, pulled prongs and lost stones. These issues are more common today as delicate styles become more popular.

Jewelry issues will show up quickly, usually within the first month of wear if the structure of the jewellery piece is compromised, and the same is true for loose stones. Banging from daily wear will quickly jar any loose stones right after a ring is set, stone setting is delicate task and done by hand, and on occasion a stone can come loose from the setting. At Moissy Fine Jewelry we will replace lost small side or halo stones size up to 2.5mm within the first year. Keep in mind center stones are set differently with much thicker prongs than tiny pave diamonds, they also may loosen, however we do not cover lost centre or shoulder stones, and recommend the wearer, check for loose stones every 3-6 months. Should you find that your stone is loose, refrain from wearing your piece until it can be repaired.

Manufacturing defects ~ Defects refer to the structure of the jewelry item, like a band separating from the ring head, or pits and porosity inside the ring that weaken the rings ability to hold up to normal wear. A manufacturing defect is sometimes difficult to understand for clients outside of the jewelry industry, as most manufacturing defects have to do with the casting of the piece. A manufacturer's defect will show up quickly during wear and will be easily recognized by your jeweler at initial inspection. These defects can usually be identified prior to us delivering a finished piece to the customer. 

Have your wedding band and engagement ring checked for loose prongs and damage regularly, the service is free and quick at our Moissy Fine Jewelry locations. If you notice your ring is bent, or the center stone has started to move, stop wearing the piece and have it repaired. Continued wear will result in a permanently damaged, a cracked ring or a lost center stone.

It is advisable to insure your jewelry. Loss or permanent damage is devastating and avoidable. Most jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands, are lost within the first two years of wear, while you're getting used to wearing it. If you need to remove your jewelry in a public place put in on a chain around your neck, (try our heart ring holder, as an easy to use place to put your rings if you must remove them) or in your pocket or handbag.

Should you have any questions about your Moissy Fine Jewelry piece. Please contact us at



7 - Day Worry Free Return

Unsure of what your partner will love? We understand that preferences can change, even though we are confident in your satisfaction with your Moissy Fine Jewelry purchase. We firmly believe that purchasing jewelry should be a relaxed and stress-free decision. Therefore, we provide a worry-free 7-day return or exchange policy on unaltered showcase inventory purchases.

Moissy Fine Jewelry is proud to offer shipping within Canada and the United States for all of their moissanite jewelry pieces. However, we understand that there may be clients located in other parts of the world who are interested in our unique and personalized designs. As such, we encourage anyone interested in our jewelry to reach out directly to inquire about international shipping options. They are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy their beautiful and sustainable custom moissanite jewelry, regardless of their location.

How Much Does It Cost

Moissy Fine Jewelry offers competitive pricing for shipping within the United States and Canada. Clients can choose standard shipping or request a rush for faster delivery. All orders within the US are shipped via reliable and trusted carriers such as Fed Ex, UPS, or USPS for a flat fee of $29.99, and tracking information is provided so clients can track their package. At checkout, clients can choose a shipping method or in store pick up.

For those who need their order sooner, Moissy Fine Jewelry offers expedited services and shipping options for an additional charge.

It's important to note that for international orders, there may be customs fees imposed by the client's country. It's recommended that clients research their country's potential fees before placing an order.

In order to ensure safe delivery, all shipments require an adult signature upon delivery. Moissy Fine Jewelry takes the security of their clients' orders seriously and strives to provide a seamless and secure shipping experience.