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Moissanite or Diamond? Will people be able to tell the difference?

Moissanite or Diamond? Will people be able to tell the difference?

It's a great question, and we hear it often. Traditionally, the diamond industry has stamped a stigma onto the idea of “Is it real?”, which has caused people to worry that people will be able to tell the difference.


The answer to this question is quite simple- of course it is real! Yes, it is a REAL moissanite GEMSTONE. Moissanite is not a diamond simulant; and while they share many similarities-including being the only gemstone comparable in strength-they rank HIGHER in fire and brilliance than a diamond. Your Moissanite is SPARKLIER than a diamond. 

This being said, even many gemologists admit to not being able to tell the difference visually,  and Moissanite will even test as a diamond on diamond testers. 

The bottom line is, in our experience, people around you will not look at your gorgeous, durable, sustainable, double-the-sparkle ring and ask “But is it real?”. The truth is, they likely won’t suspect that it is not a diamond at all.

But we will be happy if you tell them it's from Moissy Fine Jewelry!

It is a REAL Moissanite. It is a REAL engagement ring, and its a REAL symbol of the promise you have made to each other.

It's just as special and meaningful as any other gemstone a couple chooses.  You can also remind them your gem comes from the stars!. How amazing is that!