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Is Moissanite is tougher and harder than cubic zirconia?

Is Moissanite is tougher and harder than cubic zirconia?

Is Moissanite is tougher and harder than cubic zirconia?

Toughness refers to the ability of a material to resist chipping or breaking. Moissanite surpasses cubic zirconia (CZ) in toughness by more than threefold. The issue with CZ lies in its proneness to chipping or fracturing during one's lifetime. Moissanite, on the other hand, exceeds the threshold of concern for jewelry damage, ensuring lasting durability. Moreover, Moissanite boasts a remarkable 219% greater hardness compared to CZ, making it significantly more resistant to scratches.

Moissanite outshines cubic zirconia in terms of visual attributes as well.

Moissanite possesses a refractive index that surpasses CZ by 25%, resulting in a dazzling sparkle when exposed to light. Not only does Moissanite exhibit more pronounced sparkle, but the quality of this effect is also more desirable. For instance, Moissanite boasts a higher dispersion rate than cubic zirconia, producing a greater display of fiery, vibrant, rainbow-colored light. Additionally, Moissanite boasts 49% more luster than CZ, which translates to a heightened brilliance  from the stone's surface.

Moissanite also demonstrates superior resistance to dirt and wear compared to cubic zirconia.

Over time, cubic zirconia jewellery tends to develop a slight cloudiness due to its susceptibility to hand oils, cosmetics, scratching and cracking factors. Moissanite not only offers greater resistance to these elements compared to cubic zirconia, but is super easy to clean and maintain right at home.

Investing in a high-quality Moissanite piece guarantees that you will have the enduring benefits of shine, brilliance, and durability throughout the lifetime of your jewelry