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What Will My Friends Think About My Moissanite Engagement Ring?

What Will My Friends Think About My Moissanite Engagement Ring?

What Will My Friends Think About My Moissanite Engagement Ring
So you and your significant other have absolutely fallen in love with the gorgeous 2ct Round Moissanite Engagement ring. 
Everything about it screams this is the ONE. You created it to your exact specifications 18K Rose Gold and White, accented prongs and shanks, and an infinity edge halo.  BEAUTIFUL! So what's the problem?
How are you going to tell your friends it's not a diamond?
Number 1. You usually never do, I mean who really walks up to a person and asks, “Is that a diamond?’  No one ever, but should it happen, we would like you to be readily prepared and use this friendly answer......
“Of course not!. (insert laugh here) It's way too beautiful to be a diamond, it's a Moissanite!”
Say it Loud, and Say it Proud, chances are they are going to want to know all about it, and in a few minutes they will be eyeing their own ring wondering if they should have gone for the same option, because your ring is stunning!  
You see, the fear of what people think, should never be a factor in the choice YOU make with your spouse about your wedding venue, your bridesmaids dresses or your  engagement ring. Whether it's a White Sapphire, a Lab Created Diamond, a Morganite or a Moissanite. It's yours, it represents YOUR love and you both Love it and each other. 
Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone all its own, not a fake, not a substitute, not an alternative, just a different gemstone. 
The big companies have spent a lot of money and time telling us that diamonds are the only way to show your love, but its 2018! and we know better.  Now we want to be more Environmentally conscious, more Ethically conscious,  and more Economically conscious. Moissanite allows us to be all of that in one gemstone.
We will never down play the roll diamonds play in the market, they are stunning and we LOVE them! but there is room in this industry for everyone, so Diamonds move over, Moissanite is making waves and here to stay.
Our advice to you is wear your Moissanite piece proudly, show it off to your friends, and don’t feel it's a secret. You may just find out a friend or two of yours is wearing Moissanite too (wink wink)
Love and Happiness


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