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How Will My Moissanite Hold Up To Frequent Hand-washing And Sanitizing

How Will My Moissanite Hold Up To Frequent Hand-washing And Sanitizing

How Will My Moissanite Hold Up To Frequent Hand-washing And Sanitizing

Well….. we didn’t see this coming, did we? but COVID19 is here, and it is having quite the impact on our day to day activities, but if we work together we can #flattenthecurve #stayhome #staysafe.

One of the crucial recommendations from WHO (World Health Organization) is frequent hand washing and use of sanitizers. Some Moissy lovers have asked how our beautiful moissanite jewellery will hold up to the exuberant exposure to soaps and sanitizers.

Moissanite gemstones boast a 9.25 on the MOHS scales of hardness, coming in only second to diamond gemstones. This means that your Moissanite's are durable!  Most of our designs will be a combination of Moissanite with diamond accents, and the reason we mix these two gemstones are because they work so well together. Moissanite gemstones and your diamond jewellery can be treated exactly the same. Ultrasonic cleaning, at home gemstone cleaners, and mild soaps and water will be great for keeping your moissanite clean and sparkly.

While hand sanitizers are not necessarily harmful to your moissanite gemstone, build up of hand sanitizer solution may have your stone looking dull,  like it has less sparkle than normal.

A formula of mild soap and water or our MOISSY FOAM CLEANER will get your piece sparkly again!


Keep in mind that harsher chemicals will wear away at your rhodium plating, and if your ring is 14K or 18K white gold you may see that natural yellow hue peep through faster. Now rhodium wear is a quick fix, and a re-plating service offered by Moissy, but if you want to prolong your rhodium plating, your rings can be removed during hand washing or during contact with harsher or acidic chemicals.

Please REMEMBER, when washing or sanitizing your hands, do not place your precious rings in tissue paper to be discarded by mistake, do not place them in your lap, or mouth!  Set them down on the table, and immediately put them back on as soon as you are completed. (I literally stare at them until i'm finished so I don’t get distracted and forget to put them on.)  Alternatively, you can also purchase a super snazzy Moissy ring holder necklace that will safely hold your rings on our heart pendant without ever removing the chain from your neck!

Check it out here:


In the meantime Moissy lover, enjoy the carefree wear of your Moissy pieces. Relish in the extra time you will now have at home to stare at your beautiful symbol of love. Appreciate your family, your pets whoever's close to you. Remember FaceTime is a great social distancing tool!

Stay Safe Team Moissy