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Engagement Ring HACK

Engagement Ring HACK

So the time is here, you are ready to tie the knot, and you have been talking about engagement rings! 

So exciting right? Wrong. When you googled engagement ring you didn’t suspect to get over 1 million results, and when you went to look for that ring you saved on Pinterest you had no idea the price tag was $38,000!

Time for an Engagement Ring Hack! How can we get you that dream ring you have on pinterest? 



If you are reading this blog, its probably because you have already discovered moissanite, and you are trying to get every single piece of information on this gemstone that is out there. 

You want to know , does it look like a diamond, will the colour change, will it get cloudy , can it make your dream ring a reality?

Well let's Hack your ring! 

Yes it looks like a diamond to the average eye, and some trained ones. Under magnification and maybe a tester a jeweller will know its moissanite. 

The colour won’t change because all our moissanite come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees the colour of your stone

Nope no clouds here, only sparkle, that warranty also covers the clarity of your gemstone. Your moissanite will maintain its VS VVS clarity for a lifetime

Yes it can make your dream ring. The great thing about moissanite is it now is available in melee stones. You can use moissanite to create your entire dream ring, or choose just to use it as your centre stone in your engagement ring

Moissanite are now created in a VS VVS , DEF and GHI colour scale, so you can have that colourless stone you want as well, because a 1 ct Moissanite stone can cost between $600-$800 sky in the limit when created your dream piece.

So you can feel comfortable to explore something different. Don’t worry that your dream ring is only a figment of your imagination, don’t be overwhelmed by colour grades, Quality cuts, Inclusions , weights and $$$$


Moissanite will give you the best Cut , Colour , Clarity, Carat and Cost all in one.

Your engagement ring has been hacked. All you have to do now is come in-store to create you custom ring, or build it online, and Moissy Fine Jewellery will take care of the rest!


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