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What's The Buzz About Moissanite?

What's The Buzz About Moissanite?

So here you are because you have heard the word "MOISSANITE",  and you need to know  what the heck is it?!

Moissanite is the little secret , starting to make big noise in the jewellery industry. A Silicon Carbide Mineral that is now being lab created to produce the MOST brilliant, sparkly gemstone you have laid eyes on. EVER.

That Diamond you saw in the jewellery store???? Yup more sparkle and fire than that !


When Charles & Colvard’s U.S. patent for Moissanite expired  the company said it “anticipate[d] new providers of Moissanite to enter the market,” according to its annual report.

They were right! It is so awesome we have new manufacturers in the market looking to nab the award for the BEST moissanite on the market. Creating new shapes and cuts faster than our eyes can desire 



Among the newbies , Moissanite International, which sells under the brand names Nova and Supernova. Then there’s Wholesale Moissanite  creating NEO Moissanite, the mastermind behind that brand , Guy Stimpson, one of the first Charles & Colvard salespeople.


Both these manufacturers are high contenders to the Charles a& Colvard brand. While C & C may have mastered the craftsmanship of these gemstones , these new comers are right on their heels. 

We can anticipate seeing some more manufacturers offering their take on the moissanite gemstone. We look forward to seeing how moissanite will continue to evolve.


Moissy Fine Jewellery of course offers the NEO, Charles & Colvard, SuperNova and plan to carry the new contender for the  "crushed ice" design Harro Gem, all stones over 1ct will have a lifetime warranty on brilliance and fire.

Moissanite at our store will always be available as either loose  stones or mounted engagement rings, we have cocktail rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.

If you are looking for an affordable option, a  ring that will knock the socks off your friends, then you need look no further. Moissanite is your answer!

Come and visit us in store to meet our amazing staff that will help you pick the perfect piece of jewellery to last for eternity.

Good news is "Diamonds are forever and SO ARE MOISSANITES" :) Say good bye to spending 6 months salary on an engagement ring, now you can put that money to good use in your home and start that family you've always wanted.

We know our customers , shop smarter, shop ethically, love new options, and love new trends!

We look forward to meeting you!



The Moissy Fine Jewellery Team